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PernixData FVP


Accelerate storage performance by using server side SSD

Recently I became an exlusive partner of a  great product name PernixData FVP

This product allows you to install SSD Drive at your ESXI hosts level and to accelerate reads and writes iops with the local SSD.

This solution is kind of similar to vSAN but it’s not!

vSAN allows you to manipulate your local host drives and combine them into a vSAN Datastore which do cache for reads and writes.

Pernixdata FVP allows you to still use your current storage system but to accelerate the iops decoupled, transparently.

Most customers buy more disks to boost iops performance, now with PernixData they can just add SSD drives to their esxi hosts and use the FVP to get the performance out of those disks and save lots of money!!!

You can choose whether to accelerate a Specific VM or a Datastore with all the VMs reside to it.

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